Cowboy Henk

Cowboy Henk is the fruit of a collaboration between Kamagurka and Herr Seele. Cowboy Henk is a total surrealistic figure, starting off as a cowboy with hat and horse,  published initially as short stopcomics of 6 squares in the Belgian newspaper, De Morgen. Later the weekly magazine Humo published Cowboy Henk. Our hero evolved from a cowboy in pyjamas to an absurd somewhat autistic man with the body of a real superhero. His stupidity and lack of rules leads him through his weekly adventures. Cowboy Henk is crafted by two artists with completely different personalities, but each meeting gives firework and creates this unique style of humor. The ideas sprout from the twisted mind of Kamagurka and he projects them onto Herr Seele who then draws the artworks in pencil, on large (51 x68 cm) paper, inks with black India ink is done by hand. The colouring is happens digitally.